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need personal video on how I came to xplocial. I might discuss the 45-year plan making sure to focus on grandmas experience and moms experience.

<h2>Struggling on the internet? Xplocial offers a different opportunity blah…blah… JUST PLACEHOLDER</h2>
<strong>Xplocial: My Story</strong>

Xplocial: My Story

Just like many other people you have found this page on your search for a better opportunity;  a better life. I was just like you, searching for a better way to increase my income without costing me an arm and a leg. I found that opportunity with Xplocial and I want to share it with you.

XplocialXplocial is not my first entry into network marketing.  In fact, I have been part of four other network marketing companies before Xplocial. I have had varying success and found one of the biggest challenge with most network marketing companies is the compensation plan.  As a matter of fact, a few years ago I joined a different network marketing company with a traditional compensation plan. In my first month we added 10 new affiliates in our downline, but we were the only ones making a return on our nearly $400 up front investment and our over $250 continual monthly investment. This was good for us, but not for others in our downline. Eventually many in our downline began to phase out of the business regardless of how much we tried to keep the involved. The bottom line is they were spending more money than they were making.

Xplocial provides a different opportunity, one that rewards people for building a downline. Xplocial allows you to opportunity to get your investment back with as little as three people in your downline. Do you know any other network marketing companies allowing you the chance to get your investment back that quickly?

Becoming part of the Xplocial team was a no brainer for me and after looking around this site I hope it will be a no brainer for you too.

Xplocial: Not your traditional 45-year plan

Have you ever truly sat down and thought about what your retirement will look like financially when you are ready to retire?  Ever wonder if you will actually get to retire?  Over the last few years we have witnessed some difficult times in the economy and many have lost part, or all of their retirement.  Some are young enough to rebuild their retirement, but many are not.  This has created a sense of urgency for lots of people who have decided to take their retirement into their own hands.  This is what I have done.  I have taken my own retirement in my own hands by becoming part of the Xplocial team.

Did you know that out of every 100 people who reach the age of 65:

· 1% are wealthy

· 4% are financially fit

· 5% are still working

· 28% are dead

· 62% are flat broke

My grandmother was part of the 5% still working until she died at the age of 82.  She originally retired from the aircraft industry, but had to start working in the bakery department at a local grocery store to make ends meet because her retirement and social security benefits did not match inflation.  She lived in a small house and never drove a new car yet she was unable to truly retire and enjoy her life.  The only thing that prevented her from working was hip replacements and heart failure, which ended up taking her life.

Why is it that 95% of people are on the 45-year plan?  They work 45 years in order to make the other 5% successful.  Why is it people will work as hard as they can to provide someone else with a retirement they can enjoy.  Why do we not work to enjoy our own retirement?  The 45-year is not for me and I have done something about it by learning how to build my own successful network marketing business with Xplocial.  If you want to take control of your own retirement and financial situation join me in building one of the top teams in Xplocial and explore the possibilities of financial independence.

Xplocial: Meeting the Network Marketing Test

There are many things people look at when exploring a network marketing company like Xplocial. These requirements vary based on individual needs and it is important for you to understand your own requirements. I have my own network marketing test and honestly, it has changed over the years based on previous experiences, but I look at four things: start – up cost,  monthly expense, compensation plan,  global opportunity.

  • Start-up cost
  • Monthly Expense
  • Compensation Plan
  • Global Opportunity

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